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Margaret’s favourite – Dryburgh Abbey

The weather appears to have changed for Margaret and her party, and she’s reporting no rain today! Of course, that doesn’t actually mean that there was any sun, or that the wind wasn’t bitingly cold – but at least they weren’t getting soaked like they have been for the last few days.

On top of that, the blister count is still at zero, so it’s going pretty well, especially as she’s well over halfway at this point.

The journey today passed the river Tweed, which you can see below.

… and finally finished at Margaret’s favourite abbey of the Borders Abbeys walk, Dryburgh Abbey. This abbey in particular was established in 1150, before being burned down by English troops in 1322. But that wasn’t the end as it was later restored and burned down again by Richard II in 1385 – before being finally destroyed for the last time in 1544.


As you’re probably aware by now, Margaret is doing this 67 mile walk to raise money for Leicester City of Sanctuary – if you’d like to support her cause with a donation, please do jump across to her fundraising page HERE.

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