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The end of the road!

Hey everyone – Margaret finished her walk at the weekend and covered 72.7 miles over the course of the 6 days. That’s further than she thought she’d be going. 8.5% further, to be exact. The fact that she’s managed to go all that way without any blisters at all is mightily impressive.

Margaret would like to thank everyone (especially the donors!) for all of the support over the last few days, and hopes that you’ve enjoyed following her journey and all the pictures. And speaking of pictures, we’ve got a couple more to show you – the first is a lovely view that Margaret passed, which is all the nicer because there’s some blue sky involved.

And finally the town of Kelso again, which is where she started out from and marks the completion of her walk of the Borders Abbeys Way.

It’s not too late to support Margaret’s Walk, though – the fundraising page will be open for the next two weeks, so if you’ve followed her this far, please consider making a donation by clicking HERE.


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