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“It’s like a balloon, it fills up with tension and could explode, I feel it will explode if I do not release it, without the activities at the sanctuary I may as well just die”

- Ahmed, Volunteer and Service User

Our services make a real difference to people's lives. Our Hub gives people a place where they belong, volunteer and can make friends. A warm welcome, support services, activities and a hot meal make this drop-in the heart and hub of the refugee community, with 80+ visitors each week.

We offer ESOL classes so people can learn English; sewing classes to develops skills; football and opportunities for exercise to support physical and mental wellbeing.

Many asylum seekers and refugees volunteer with us, building skills, confidence, purpose, and self-esteem.  Regular cultural and recreational trips help people get to know Leicester, its museums, amenities and green spaces.

Our life skills activities help people prepare for life in the UK whilst our NEST service supports people to make more informed decisions on their asylum case. Our outreach services run with our refugee Ambassador team help the local community better understand the challenges facing asylum seekers and refugees, encouraging them to extend welcome.