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Double Update – Rain and Cattle Rustlers

I didn’t manage to update the blog yesterday, but so we’ve got some information on the last two days of Margaret’s walk. From the looks of it, the dominant theme has been rain! She’s travelled from Hawick to Melrose, via Selkirk.

As she was leaving Hawick came across a statue to Reivers, who are basically cattle Rustlers. This contrasted nicely with the statue and memorial of Sir Walter Scott, who was the Sheriff of the county. I guess it goes to show, it doesn’t really matter which side of the law you’re on – provided you’re good at what you do you stand a good chance of getting a statue erected in your honour.

Here they are below. Sir Walter on the right!

Overall, Margaret covered 12 miles on her way to Selkirk, and then 11.7 over to Melrose. As mentioned above, rain was a constant companion. She stopped at Sir Walter Scott’s place at Abbotsford house to warm up and have a cup of tea and is still going strong. Not far to go now Margaret!


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