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“We found a door in the wood & wrote a message on it”.

I’m not quite sure whether it’s like poor Narnia imitation or just a the plot to a second rate horror movie that only managed to get 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, but Margaret’s group came across a door in the woods yesterday. Just a door. No house attached, not even a building, a door to nowhere. But it transpires that the owner of said door encouraged people to write on it and make a wish, so our party of explorers duly did.

If it turns out to be a horror movie plotting device, I advise the group to look into whether anything unfortunate has befallen Rod & Allison Thomson and their faithful Viszla, Suzy who had passed through the area only a few days before.

Outside of this slightly surreal encounter, Margaret reports that yesterday was challenging, having to leave Jedburgh in full wet weather gear because the skies had opened and the rain was coming down hard.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like they spent the next 14 miles getting drenched as by the time they reached the Magic Wish Doorâ„¢, things had brightened up a little. Or perhaps they just wished for a break from the rain?

Or could it be that they actually wished for an opportunity to stop for some cream tea and refresh themselves on their trip? This scene was captured with about 5 miles left to walk and by all reports Margaret’s group were very happy to get off of their feet and have something to eat?

The party finally arrived in Hawick just after 5pm, feeling very tired and hoping for a slightly easier walk tomorrow – here’s a picture below! It looks like a lovely little village, Margaret.

If you’ve been following my posts here you’ll know that Margaret is doing this walk and (possibly) risking the wrath of supernatural doors and lovely tea shops to raise money for Leicester City of Sanctuary, which we’ll be putting to good use helping Asylum Seekers in the city.

It’s not too late to donate, of course – so if you’d like to show Margaret support, please do pop over to her Fundraising Page by clicking HERE and make a donation!



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