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Lunch with sheep

Having spent only the evening in Kelso, Margaret and her group spent Sunday heading towards Jedburgh, and the Abbey that stands there. Here you can see her and her companions about to set off.

In her own words “Here we are starting out on our Walk! This is most of my walking group looking as if we’re all up for it!”

… but back here in the comfort of the Leicester City of Sanctuary base camp, we’re all hoping that they’re more than just looking as though they’re up for it. It would be preferable if most, if not all of them make it back.


Along the way, they stopped to have some lunch with some sheep. I’m not sure if the sheep in this picture are particularly suspicious of outsiders or whether they just want that apple – but they really seem fixated on it.

I’ve had a look on Wikipedia, and from what I can gather, the sheep in Scotland aren’t any more dangerous than the ones in England, so this turned out okay.

And below you can see Jedburgh Abbey! In case you’re worried that only two of them made it, please be assured that as far as I can tell, they’re all there somewhere, but most of them are probably having a well earned sit down; this has, after all, been a 13 mile hike today, with 54 still ahead of them.


So far, Margaret is reporting no blisters.

As you’re no doubt aware, Margaret is making this trip in order to raise money for Leicester City of Sanctuary, so we can continue to support Asylum Seekers in Leicester. If you’d like to help out and donate to her cause, please check out her fundraising page HERE.

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