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Resources for Asylum Seekers

Below you'll find a list helpful links for Asylums Seekers and Refugees about partner organisations around Leicester that will be able to support you, provide services and activities. Just click the links below to access their websites, where you can find contact details.

  • University of Leicester - In partnership with Leicester City of Sanctuary, Leicester University provides a range of ESOL classes.
  • British Red Cross - The Red Cross can help you with your immigration case as well as help you find a solicitor if you don't have one, as well as providing a wealth of other support. To make an appointment, contact their refugee Service on: 0116 4790900.
  • The Race Equality Centre - TREC Provides support, advice and information to newly arrived individuals to help them integrate into the City. They also offer a wide range of services to people who have just received leave to remain including advice on housing and job search. You should contact them as soon as you get leave to remain
  • After 18 - After18 has a range of activities to help young refugees to socialise, learn new skills and adjust to life in the UK including educational drop-in, IT classes and young women’s support group.
  • Assist - ASSIST is a specialist medical service especially for asylum seekers and refugees. They will be able to arrange for a consultation with a doctor, counsellor or any other trained health specialist you may need.
  • Migrant Help - Migrant Help can provide you with help to complete your application form for support (financial and or accommodation/Housing)
  • Open Hands - Gives good quality second hand clothes, household equipment and furniture to people in need. Also food parcels. You will need a referral.