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A trip to the Guildhall

Leicester City of Sanctuary is committed to delivering social and cultural experiences around the city for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, and recently had a trip to the Guildhall to do just that! But why take it from me – here’s a short report from our group at the site: –

“We had a fantastic tour of the Guildhall, where we learnt about its history and saw its beautiful buildings. One of our members commented about how much they love the smell of old buildings. We also had great fun taking photos.

We then did a planting workshop where we decorated pots and took home house plants, as well as a fun activity making mobiles. It was a great time for students to discover free places in the city that they can enjoy, as well as socialise whilst getting creative.

We all really enjoyed our time there!”

… it sounds as though everyone had an absolutely fantastic time.