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City of Sanctuary visits Go Kids Go

Leicester City of Sanctuary had a big group visit to GoKidsGo recently – for those unaware it’s a large, fun, safe and clean play environment for kids of all ages to run around where they’re able to climb on/around/through/up any number of obstacles and play courses; there’s even a small go-kart track for those looking to shave a few milliseconds off of their lap time.


Not only that, but there’s a seated area with tea for parents to be safely penned whilst they wait for their children to completely exhaust themselves.

An absolutely fantastic time was had by all, and once again we’d like to thank out Families Lead, Maggie, for sorting it all out, getting everyone there and making sure fun was had. These sorts of experiences are incredibly valuable for Refugees and Asylum Seekers coming into the UK, and Leicester City of Sanctuary does it’s best to make sure they have the opportunity to experience it!