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Our Skeggie Adventure

Off we go, on time, with lots of Bollywood music and a spot of impromptu Bhangra (it’s quite easy – you just crush the nearest neighbour!)
A smooth trip through serene Autumn fields, still lush with summer hedgerows. A good day for hanging out the washing.Thick banks of clouds lie ahead but no one seems bothered… Other people’s lives, other people’s secrets. Who cares? Today, we have our own important purpose!

And here we are: the sea is fierce. It attacks the shore and hurls gulls and sand in our direction. Its ally, the wind, takes no prisoners and whirls us into shrieking heaps.

We fight back the best we can with hearty games and huge bags of crisps. Britain at play. Everyone’s spirits are lifted, even those who link me up via Facetime with their wistful friend back home in a distant land…

Who wouldn’t be beguiled by tangled kite strings, wet socks and shoes, or the invisible giant throwing buckets of sand all over our picnic?
But even the biggest giant can’t stop the games of football, tennis with ‘sticky‘ bats and, of course, boules or bowls with sand. Has anyone seen that blue ball?

Because today’s all about the children! Bare toes wiggling in wet, gritty sand, jumping on other people’s sand castles and, of course, ICE CREAM!
There’s nothing better than ice cream for smearing all over your clothes, inhaling or running crying to Mummy with a melting pile in your hands.

Many thanks to Ausden Clark and your wonderful driver who, incidentally, thought Maggie’s competent planning (bags of all varieties) pretty exceptional. In fact, thanks to you all! It’s down to your team effort that we now have a completely unique holiday package, worthy of any travel company: the Bollywood Bus, all singing, all dancing with every sort of bag you could ever need!

– Nicky Brading