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Margaret Fingerhut write up by Amanda Hart!

The Margaret Fingerhut concert – ‘Far From The Home I Love’ – was a huge success! We’ve got a lovely write up here from Amanda Hart, a City of Sanctuary supporter who was in the audience. The concert was held at Leicester Cathedral on the 13th March in support of City of Sanctuary to raise awareness of refugee needs.

“This was a very special evening indeed, listening to the beautiful, talented and first rate playing of Margaret Fingerhut in the atmospheric setting of Leicester Cathedral. During the course of the concert, Margaret Fingerhut raised awareness of the needs and plight of refugees, a cause obviously very dear to her heart. Throughout her enthusiasm, humour and empathy caught one’s imagination.

In addition, Margaret related the fascinating stories of the composers she was playing such as Handel, Haydn, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and Chopin who were themselves refugees and migrants. Each explanation was followed by Margaret Fingerhut playing an example of their wonderful music.

Plus the evocative music of Grieg was played, who although he never left his homeland, he composed 3 lyric pieces – Solitary Traveller, Homesickness and Homeward. The composition played- ‘Farewell to Hirta’ a hauntingly beautiful piece by Francis Pott who remembers the evacuation of St Kilda.

I particularly enjoyed listening to Moutaz Arian’s ‘Memories from my Land’, which I heard at the last Olympics as it was the theme tune for the Refugee Team.

Margaret Fingerhut’s interesting introductions to each piece of music and composer made this evening of music so accessible to all. Altogether it was an enchanting, entertaining, enlightening and educational evening. I would recommend it to all; whether you are a classical expert or like me just enjoy music!”


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