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The Hosting scheme is very new and is still developing. The idea is to help asylum seekers when they become homeless at key points in the asylum process – notably when they are waiting for their first interview with the UK Border Agency or when they have been granted leave to remain, have to leave their subsidised accommodation but are unable to find anywhere to go. People who have a spare room are encouraged to offer it for a period of up to eight weeks to an asylum seeker who is temporarily homeless. LCofS provides the ‘guest’ with £25 per week for food and travel expenses, if they need it. The scheme is closely monitored to ensure that the arrangements suit both hosts and guests.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation for asylum seekers who are long-term destitute. We cannot afford to support people indefinitely and do not feel it is fair to ask a host to take in someone who has no chance of finding somewhere else to live at the end of the eight-week stay. Unfortunately, destitution of that sort is all too common amongst asylum seekers.

If you would like to offer accommodation or would like to discuss this further, then please email [email protected] or contact us by other means