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English Classes (ESOL):

University of Leicester

English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU)

Readson House

96-98 Regent Road

LE1 7DF.


General English Classes (everyday English)

Beginners (Pre-Entry to Entry 1):

Monday 18.00-19:30 (Room 102)

Tuesday 17.00-18:30 (Room 101)

Elementary to Intermediate (Entry 2 to Level 1)

Tuesday 17.00-18:30 (Room 102)

Academic English Classes (academic / professional English for future work or study)

Upper Intermediate to Advanced  (Level 1 to Level 2)

Thursday 10:00-13:00 (Room 108)

As well as the above, they also offer:

OET classes – these are for qualified refugee medics who already have IELTS 6.0 and who need to achieve IELTS 7.0 as part of GMC registration

IELTS classes – these are for students who are at IELTS 5.0 or above who need to improve their IELTS score to prepare for future study

Reading Circle – come along, bring your lunch and read and discuss texts with others (Thursdays 13:00-14:00)

LCofS Lending Library – borrow books from our library to help you practise English at home

Full time academic English Classes – for students at intermediate level or above who would like to improve their level of academic English to study at university. Find out more here.

For more information about these services, email Aleks Palanac on [email protected] 

Here is helpful guide for Improving your English:


To join our Blackboard Learn page, which contains many useful resources for improving your English, you can register here: –

ESOL Blackboard

ESOL Term Dates

Autumn Term – 2nd September – 11th October 2019 / 21st October – 13th December 2019

Spring Term – 12th January – 14th February 2020 / 24th February – 3rd April 2020

Summer Term – 20th April – 22nd May 2020 / 1st June – 3rd July 2020

IT Class and Sewing Class: Thursdays (13:00 – 15:00):


Booth Hall

St Martin’s House

7 Peacock Lane

LE1 5PZ.


IT Class and Sewing Class:

We provide:

  • Contribution towards your bus fare – you will need to show your bus ticket
  • Tea and Coffee refreshments
  • Access to sewing machines and computers

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