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Covid-19 – How we’re handling it

November update on our Covid-19 Response

We’ve been running a socially distanced drop-in service where people can pick up toiletries, various foodstuffs and organic vegetables, as well as other items. Our families lead is also arranging outdoor meetings with our families in public places such as parks to support them and ensure the children continue to see a familiar friendly face.

In Sept we brought back our sewing group and weekly football sessions too. As a result of the new lockdown, we’ve paused various face-to-face activities with the latest regulations but these will be back up and running as soon as we are able.



There are new Asylum Seekers coming to Leicester all the time and we’re here to help them feel part of the community and get to know us in preparation for when we open our doors again.


Leicester City of Sanctuary understands that the Covid-19 virus and the Lockdown make life harder for everyone, so we’re stepping up to ensure that we help ends meet whenever we’re able to

  • Financial support in the form of Emergency Fund, helping those in need feel more secure
  • Guidance and support for referrals to food banks, as well as other services throughout Leicester.
  • Provision of essential supplies, such as toiletries to those in need.
  • Ensuring that nothing goes to waste, and working to ensure that any donations of food we receive get through to Food Banks for effective distribution.


We want people to feel empowered to look after themselves, to know how to be fit and healthy and how to keep their minds engaged whilst we’re all stuck indoors.

  • To say that Leicester is a city that enjoys it’s football is something of an understatement; we’ve been providing regular Soccercise classes alongside LCitC to get people up and moving in their own homes.
  • Activities and stories for children to engage with.
  • Just as important as exercise, we’ve provided sessions and advice on calmness, relaxation and meditation and signposted to online sessions through our partners LifeLinks


Just because the world has seemingly ground to a halt doesn’t mean learning has to, and Leicester City of Sanctuary is committed to continuing to provide education and classes to Asylum Seekers and Refugees – but this time over the internet!

  • English Classes provided over Zoom five days a week, catering individuals with different capabilities.
  • Regular opportunities to practice English Conversational skills with our volunteers via WhatsApp.


One of the most important aspects of getting through the Lockdown together has been encouraging our service users to come together, socialise and talk – just because our Drop-In has closed for now, doesn’t mean we should lose touch with one another


  • Quizzes and activities to keep people engaged with one another.
  • Sharing our cooking know-how, and providing recipes to one another to ensure we eat healthily (-ish!) throughout the crisis.