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The British Red Cross have introduced a new initiative called the Family Reunion Integration service, which aims to help families who have been reunited in Leicester begin to integrate with their new community. This work involves helping with the initial case work when they first arrive, through to assisting with benefits, housing and even helping the children to find schools. Further integration is facilitated through community services.

As part of this community integration, they’re looking for people to meet a family once a week, to show them around Leicester, or engage in any other social activities, such as walking in the park or going for a coffee. The role can be flexible around the week of the host buddy, and if you’d like a little more information you can read through the full leaflet HERE.

If you think that this is something that you’d like to do, please see the application form below!





You can email back the application form to [email protected] or pop it in the post to: –

Chris Scales
British Red Cross
Refugee Support Service
27 East Street
Third floor