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Josephine’s half Marathon

Josephine from pro-refugee organisation Praxis is going to be running a half-marathon to raise money for us here at Leicester City of Sanctuary to help us continue our important work supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the City.

On this, Josephine told us “I’m thrilled to be running the Leicester Half Marathon to raise money for Leicester City of Sanctuary. Their work to welcome people seeking sanctuary to our wonderful city has never been more important than it is right now, and I’m delighted to be supporting this work.

Now, obviously running even half a marathon is a really long way and is going to involve a lot of prep and training, so she’d be absolutely thrilled if you could pop over to her online fundraising page and leave a pledge in recognition of all the effort she’s going to – and of course we here at LCoS would very much appreciate it too.

Donate here!

I’m sure there will be some updates as we get closer to the event, so keep your eye out – but for now it will suffice to say thank you very much Josephine, we really appreciate what you’re doing and we recommend staying well hydrated and taking at least a couple of hours off a week from the training!