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LCoS Gears up for the Big Give!

Lockdown: We may be facing the same storm
but we are NOT in the same boat… 

According to a new report from Migrant Help:

  • 84% of those seeking asylum don’t always have enough to buy food, and only 2% can afford the clothes and shoes they need.
  • Only 1 in 4 asylum seekers can afford essential cleaning products to keep themselves safe in the Covid crisis.
  • Only 1 in 10 people seeking asylum can afford the data and phone credit they need. How can they keep up with the latest information to keep themselves safe or keep in touch with families abroad?

Beating the Lockdown

To beat the lockdown and help our people stock up in preparation, we brought forward our goods giveaway session at the Chapel. On 3rd November we had the biggest giveaway so far, helped by a massive donation of toiletries from Latimer Primary School. As well as the toiletries and organic vegetables, we distributed  facemasks and hand sanitiser, sweatshirts, underwear and even slippers and hats knitted by one of our service users.

We’ve paused our the sessions at the chapel for now, but are busy collecting the next lot of goods to be distributed as soon as we are able. And although the football has sadly had to stop for now, our sewing group is now being delivered online after Mandy delivered sewing kits and fabric to all those who wanted to take part. Using the sewing machines we’ve provided for home use, the group is keeping very busy.

Sarah has reintroduced lockdown Soccercise to help us all keep fit, and the Zoom English classes continue, even attracting asylum seekers from abroad. The Emergency Fund is active, and as well as helping with all sorts of crises, it also supports access to data and phone credit.

Here’s what we’ve delivered since April

Help us do more, reach more… Get Ready for Big Give 1-8th Dec – Double every donation

For the first time eve, we’ve been selected to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020. This will take place online from 1st–8th December 2020 when donations to Leicester City of Sanctuary will be doubled via match funding. The doubling is thanks to people who have already pledged to support us, and also because the Human Rights Fund will be sponsoring us, matching any donations we get. We are hoping to raise £3,000 in donations – and if we do, this will become £6000!

This is a brilliant opportunity to support our work, knowing that every donation will have twice the impact. We’ll be sending out more details as soon as the campaign starts, and would appreciate your support both by donating and spreading the word.