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At a Special General Meeting on October 2nd 2014, Leicester City of Sanctuary approved a new Board of Trustees. At the AGM in May it had been agreed that there was too much of an overlap between the Board of Trustees and the Steering Group, and the existing trustees were tasked with finding people to form a new board. Read more…

The new Trustees are:
Bushra Ali, solicitor
Les Ashton, former GP with Assist (the Leicester GP practice for asylum seekers) and book dealer
Sheila Brucciani, solicitor
Julie Burnage, founder member of LCofS and long term volunteer
Pete Hobson, Canon Missioner of Leicester Cathedral and in charge (among other things) of the St Martin’s House outreach service
Piotr Kuhiwczak, British Red Cross (Refugee Services)
Aimee Packwood, Voluntary Action Leicester (VAL)

A new Steering Group (the management committee of LCofS) has been appointed, comprising volunteers representing or leading each of the main LCofS projects, the two Co-ordinators (Sadiq Ahamed and Pam Inder) and the two Deputy Co-ordinators (Mary Campbell and Mick Walker), the Chair of the Members’ (service users) Committee, John Ssenkindu, and three other members of that committee. The offices of Chair and Vice-Chair have been renamed ‘Co-ordinator’ and ‘Deputy Co-ordinator’ to distinguish them from the Chair of the Trustees (yet to be appointed).

The new Steering Group had its first meeting on Monday October 6th; the first meeting of the new Board of Trustees will be on Wednesday, October 29th. We look forward to this new phase in the development of LCofS.